27 Nov


They walk among us.

Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself, the capacity of man to fathom the depths of stupidity and ignorance is nothing but awesome in its non vox-pop sense.

School is out so I amble across the road to get something to eat. Loads of people; the usual university crowd on bikes, skateboards, hallucinogens and psylocibes.  I see a kid sitting in an electric cart that states in bold letters emblazoned across its sides that the university supports the inclusion of disabled people in society – very nice of them – and will facilitate them whatever it takes, or words to that effect. In short it’s a vehicle to transport less mobile people to wherever their destination on the campus may be. Good idea me thinks. Who wants to struggle on crutches or in a wheel chair across the fifty-first state that is the university campus?

I spot a man in a wheel chair, possibly a vet, with no legs. Judging by the size of his arms he’s been wheelchair bound for some time as his biceps fairly rip from his shirt. I watched as he pushed himself up to the cart and confronted the driver with nothing more than a smile.

“Hows it going?” Asks the man in the chair

“Ok,” says the youth

“Can you give me a lift? I have to be at such and such a building?”

“Do you have a pass?” Asks the moron.

The man in the wheel chair smiles ironically and points to where his legs should be.

“You need a pass,” says shit-for-brains.

Again the man waves to his legs and flashes his student identity card for effect.

Nothing doing. The wanker in the golf cart demands to see the correct paper work. “Show me ze papers, Ja! Sieg-bloody-Heil.

The poor bloke of course doesn’t have a pass, but why the hell does he need one? For Fucks Sake what would it cost to throw the cripple in the back of the cart, nip across the road and deliver him to wherever?

Clearly, despite the fact that the university is a seat of higher learning, common sense isn’t on the curriculum.

They walk among us. I see them everywhere.


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