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Colin James is an Englishman by birth and a Yorkshireman, by the grace of the gods, who emigrated to the U.S way back in 2001. After various junctures in New Mexico and New York, he is now settled in Arizona. The career path he has followed has taken him from the ranks of the British Army (REME) to the tops of Austrian mountains as a ski guide. A former engineering professional in the semi-conductor industry, he currently runs a successful  bird prevention solar related company in sunny Phoenix. As well as helping give power to the people he is a writer, author, and blogger.

A Masters student of English literature at Arizona State University and a member of the WEST VALLEY WRITERS WORKSHOP Colin has already been published in several on line literary magazines including ‘THE FRONT PORCH’ and ‘AT THE BIJOU’. His work has appeared in print at ‘THE STARVING ARTIST’ and he has received accolades in several prestigious writing competitions. A rising literary star of the future his first novel LORD ALF, was published in 2013

To date Colin has published three books which are available at AMAZON. COM




The Potion Peddler’s Almanac



I-10 The Big Bad Blog Book



Colin is also the founder of the WEST VALLEY WORDSMITHS, a group of erudite writers who participate in and organize writers events. Whether  it’s the intricacies of blogging, self-publishing or teaching the rudiments and eccentricities of the craft, the group offers seminars and workshops at various locations in the Phoenix area.
To organize a writers event you can contact Colin at 623-547-4618
Or email him at gotpigeonsaz55@gmail.com


 “Voice. Imagery. Story. All the lessons writers learn, are precision instruments in the hands of Colin James. No one gets the reader into the story better, faster, or with more appreciation for the reader’s senses.  Stake your claim now: “I was reading Colin James before he was huge. You will be glad you did.”   

— Kris Neely, Founder of the West Valley Writer’s Workshop and the Avondale Writers Conference. 

“A quick jaunt through the world of fiction turned into a screeching halt at The Potion Peddler’s Almanac. Colin James took me for a ride, to a destination in the very heartland of Fiction -as only this Englishman can. I look for the next dose from this brilliant emerging writer…. I am thirsty for more.”  

–Eveline Horelle Dailey- Author of  Lessons from the Lakeside  

In the manner which intrepid British author Colin R. Jamesadvises the would-be novelist within his first telling tale of this dashing literary ensemble to delight and implore the encountered senses, I solemnly concur: “Sup deep and draw whatever wisdom it is that the thousands before us have sought . . . “ From Shakespeare along a potent peddler’s trail to his forthcoming treasure of Lord Alf, debut novel of Tennysonian sheen, Mr. James runs the gauntlet by all means of the in between. 

Absolutely*Kate AT THE BIJOU  

 You can contact Colin at gotpigeonsaz55@gmail.com



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