The Potion Peddler’s Almanac


‘O’er hill and dale, past moss covered dry stone walls and creeper-caught bridges. Following the ancient roads hacked by Caesar’s legions through soft English chalk and the coastal trails blazed by retreating Saxons. Twixt green bowers of gnarled spreading forests and across the wastes of stark deserted moorland – the grind of iron shod wheels squawked on greased axle trees…’





The Potion Peddler’s Almanac – is the first, already critically acclaimed, book from Colin James. A literary anthology of the best of his short stories.THE PEDDLER is now available  at AMAZON.COM


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5.0 out of 5 stars Wit and Wisdom,June 10, 2011

This review is from: The Potion Peddler’s Almanac: A Literary Anthology (Paperback)

When considering a short story for publication, I give high marks to those which subtly address a significant aspect of human nature. I especially treasure language which evokes a reader response of “How thoughtful! How accurate!” All of these qualities exist in Colin’s anthology.

In general, American short-story audiences are accustomed to pieces containing goodly amounts of violence, sex, crimes and misdemeanors. I am happy to report that this author does not resort to such formulaic prose; instead, he expects the reader to think, to reflect upon the ordinary, to imagine worlds real while slightly off-center. Frankly, the book is a joy to read.


5.0 out of 5 stars You Will Remember,June 6, 2011

This review is from: The Potion Peddler’s Almanac: A Literary Anthology (Paperback)

Mark my words: you will remember. You will remember the impact of Colin’s writing. You will remember his facility with the English Language. You will remember his humor, his empathy, and his insight. You will remember the brutal steel his words can command. You will remember his vivid imagery.

You will forget to go to sleep, long past midnight as you read ‘just one more chapter.’ You will forget your significant other, mislay the kids (temporarily, one hopes), and absently overlook the cat, dog, and fish as you wander from room-to-room, reading. You will forget food (but not a wee dram against the night air) as you draw sustainment from powerful words on the printed page . You will forget work, while appreciating the work of a rare author.

But mostly, you will remember when, where, and how you discovered the writings of Colin James.



 “Voice. Imagery. Story. All the lessons writers learn, are precision instruments in the hands of Colin James. No one gets the reader into the story better, faster, or with more appreciation for the reader’s senses.  Stake your claim now: I was reading Colin James before he was huge. You will be glad you did.”  — Kris Neely, Founder of the West Valley Writer’s Workshop and the Avondale Writers Conference. 


“A quick jaunt through the world of fiction turned into a screeching halt at The Potion Peddler’s Almanac. Colin James took me for a ride, to a destination in the very heartland of Fiction -as only this Englishman can. I look for the next dose from this brilliant emerging writer…. I am thirsty for more.”  –Eveline Horelle Dailey- Author of  Lessons from the Lakeside


In the manner which intrepid British author Colin R. James advises the would-be novelist within his first telling tale of this dashing literary ensemble to delight and implore the encountered senses, I solemnly concur: “Sup deep and draw whatever wisdom it is that the thousands before us have sought . . . “ From  Shakespeare along a potent peddler’s trail to his forthcoming treasure of Lord Alf, debut novel of Tennysonian sheen, Mr James runs the gauntlet by all means of the in between. 

Shall I be spoiler and hint, wink, nudge of  secrets divulged, forgotten knowledge distributed frugally among those outside the inner circle? Of defensive fairy-lights strung and silver streamers hung like concertinaed barbed wire or unlimited boundaries of imagination  jaunting at will – exercising one’s freedom to roam, ramble and wonder at leisure? Satiating and slaking the wanderlust?  Nay, I say! Read the Colin James resonation, the better for psyche’s satiation. Aye, SUP DEEPLY. As I salute this cunning author on rampant rise, this potent POTION PEDDLER’S ALMANAC of alchemic proportions before your very dazzled eyes . . . so do I salute you, exquisite reader — for you exhibit both taste and valour . . . for you are becoming acquainted with Colin James, now, at this enthralling moment before meteoric rise creates all kinds of emanating ruckus ~

“His audience sought beyond the physical plane, thronging to his caravan in eager anticipation for both cure and enlightenment. Stories of adventure – tales of distant lands, dragon slaying knights, daring deeds done by daring men. Engaged in enigmatic conversation it wasn’t long before his product was crossing the counter to be scooped up by needy souls, weak in body and bereft of worldly contact. Although tutored in the ways of healing, it was a story-teller’s heart that he possessed.”

~ Intriguing author Colin R James,
The Potion Peddler’s Almanac

Aye, from appetizing excerpt to transformative swallow, ye shall digest. Sup deeply, indeed. Naught but prospective inner warmth, the glow of expectation and the tingle of excitement await.

~ Auspiciously,

~ Absolutely*Kate, producer/publisher of AT THE BIJOU,  theatre for the international mind showcasing writers’ raves as readers’ faves . . . author of the Detective Nelle Callahan and Ziegfeld Goil series . . . creator/promoter of the soon sailing HARBINGER*33, manifesting authors’ destinies. Believing in believers, sporting moxie (for surely the world needs more), Absolutely*Kate endorses Colin James as an inconoclastic writer of mind, soul and wit and all things which exhibit better light in the night.


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  1. The Whites - UK September 11, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Do you write your own reviews??!! Our copy is on order and it should be arriving soon, we already know that you’re an icon and a legend among men, we’ll get back to you soon with our thoughts.

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